How to Decide if You Should Keep or Sell Your House in Tampa

Do you want to sell your house in Tampa? Just as there is a right time to buy, there is a right time to sell your home. Of course, many factors may influence the decision ahead, such as changes in your finances or significant life circumstances that have caused an upheaval in your life. Perhaps … Continued

1007 Monroe St – Plant City

Speaker 1: Hello. I’m at 1007 Monroe Street in Plant City, Florida. Beautiful morning. Another remodeled home. Let’s go look. Great big, large room. Really nice cabinets. Remodeled kitchen. Got a little mud room. Washer and dryer hookup. It has a really nice deck on the outside, all screened in. This house sits on a…

December 20, 2021

Speaker 1: 701 West Cherry Street, Plant City. Nice, remodeled home. Let’s take a look inside. Nice granite countertops, all brand new. Right out back, couple outbuildings. Bath with a tub, and shower. Bedroom, another bedroom, third bedroom, master bedroom. Closet, and a nice big bathroom with a shower. 701 West Cherry Street. List price,…

How to Sell a Tampa House When You Own Back Taxes

Tax liens are like a giant stop sign for property owners who are ready to sell. Especially for those faced with a tax lien placed on their property so high that selling their home is the only option available to repay the debt, which will be due at closing. A word to the wise, working … Continued